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Website and online shop design for TuSuva Spa
Website and online shop design for TuSuva Body & Skincare
March 21, 2019
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April 10, 2019

UX User Research

Problem Statement (for customer)

Home owners don't know how to purchase art. They want a home with personality but don't have the money to afford a dealer nor the connections to the emerging an scene.

Home renters don't feel ready to commit to artwork, given that they have yet to decide where they will settle down. In the meantime they want their homes to reflect their homes to feel as unique and theirs as possible.

Problem Statement (for artist)

In the past couple of years them have been mom gallery closings than openings. The art industry needs to find new channels of communication and adapt to new consumer behaviors.


Aye - Civil engineer in Chicago. Just bought her first house and is looking to make it her own. She wishes she new more about art and where to buy it. Her friends have not been of great help and although she has tried to go to art fairs in the area it not convenient. She also wants a solution that doesn't feel too permanent as she hopes to make this place more of a family home in the future.

Luke - Third year surgery resident. He knows he will have to move cities in the future and doesn't want to get too tamed away buying things for his place since his living situation is not permanent. He barely has time to leave house so /Us very important that this one feels homey.

Zach B Daniels - They have owned a house for 4 years now and originally bought art from online market places but this one doesn't feel unique enough. As they become financially more well-off they would like to start investing in art but they have no idea where to begin.